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5 “Healthy” Foods That Are Unhealthy

Posted: June 07, 2019

Many people choose Choi Kwang Do in part to improve health. Often that activity is combined with a healthy diet to achieve maximum results. But every food that is considered healthy may not be.

Most food knowledge is learned from our peers or trends, while many fail to realize they’re actually eating junk food. Check the label! Informing yourself on what you eat is vital to a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Wheat Bread

Wheat can be added to any carbohydrate to be labeled a wheat product. Bread can contain enriched flour, meaning a sugar spike and crash without gaining any nutritional value. Instead, go for fiber-rich breads that are 100% whole wheat. Multigrain is a good backup option as well. Or, drop at least 200 calories by using lettuce.

  1. Trail Mix

Trail mix is great for quick energy and extra calories to burn during vigorous activity, but not a good snack for your everyday diet. Normally filled with salted nuts, raisins covered in sugar and M&M candies, handfuls can be 300+ calories.

  1. Flavored Soy Milk

Sugar is easily snuck into products through chocolate and vanilla flavoring. Soy is a great source of protein and potassium, but a flavor adds 10 grams of sugar and 50 calories per cup. Swap it out for unflavored soy or almond milk.

  1. Fat-Free Yogurt

Fat does not make you fat – sugar does! Fat-free foods are not health foods. Most flavored yogurt has 15 grams of sugar a serving, even fruit-flavored options. Instead, go for Greek yogurt with fresh fruit. A drizzle of honey or agave are healthier options to add sweetness.

  1. Sushi

Many have never thought sushi to be unhealthy. It’s fish, rice and seaweed – what’s  the issue? Salmon, tuna or California rolls can be great, but westernized versions aren’t health-conscious. A salmon roll (salmon, rice and seaweed) is 120 calories a serving. A Philadelphia roll (salmon, cream cheese, spicy mayo, house sauce) is 500+ calories a serving – close to a Big Mac. Sashimi is a healthier alternative to heavy sushi rolls.