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Anti-Bullying: 3 Ways CKD Can Stop Bullies

Posted: April 10, 2019

Going back to school in the fall should be an exciting time of change for students with new teachers, clothes, school supplies and friends. For children who are bullied, a new school year is filled more with anxiety than excitement.


Choi Kwang Do and other forms of martial arts are the keys to instilling confidence within students to protect themselves against bullies. Three key lessons taken from the art can be applied to various bullying scenarios.

1. Practice.

Role-playing a bullying scenario with your student can teach them how to respond to a stressful confrontation. CKD is not much different. Through non-violence and non-contact confrontations, your child learns that not all encounters have to be violent. Though hopefully the bullying is non-violent, the student is still confident in their self-defense if ever needed. This instilled confidence in knowing how to go about situations with a non-violent approach and knowing self-defense will have your student feeling prepared to face any situation.

2. Teach confident posture to communicate the correct message.

CKD and other martial arts stances exude confidence. Usually involving some combination of a straight body, focused eyes and feet firmly on the ground, the attention stance can show that your student is standing their ground with composure, despite being fearful, and should be learned and practiced to help deflect any immediate threat from a bully.

3. Take it to the mat.

Consider enrolling your student in a CKD program today! The training at most self-defense academies does not promote the use of violence, however, having the knowledge of how to protect yourself will help your student feel more confident and secure. If your student does need to defend him or herself, their practice time on the mat will provide a level of safety by allowing them to perform the moves when instinctively threatened. In addition, they will take away life skills and leadership lessons that will raise confidence.