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Choi Kwang Do

Back to School: Choi Kwang Do & Your Student

Posted: April 10, 2019

As students return to school this fall, it’s important to help them hone their energy toward productive tasks. Choi Kwang Do is not only beneficial to your student’s health, but can help them learn discipline, boost their metabolism, improve concentration and better their attitude.

Choi Kwang Do’s movements require balance and coordination. These movements have been designed specifically to stimulate the production of neurotrophins natural substances that stimulate the growth of nerve cells and increase the number of neural connections in the brain.

Unlike traditional martial arts, activities or sports that employ homo-lateral movements (using one side of the body), which can be harmful to the body and stressful to the brain, CKD’s movements are cross-lateral (uses both sides of the body) like a baby’s crawl.

CKD’s techniques work both sides of the body evenly; hands and feet, left and right side, all in coordination with the eyes. As a result, the corpus collosum (the nerve that connects the left and right side of the brain) becomes more fully developed.

Better mind, better body! Is your student having difficulty focusing or staying motivated with their schoolwork? Choi Kwang Do is the answer! With numerous physical, emotional and social benefits, what are you waiting for? Make this school year the best yet with CKD!