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Choi Kwang Do of North Florida

Self Defense for Children

Posted: July 23, 2019

Being able to protect yourself from physical harm is a basic human right that should be accessible to everyone, including children. Self-defense is often an overlooked skill, though it is important to ensure that your children can defend themselves if the situation arises.

Through Choi Kwang Do, children can learn many techniques and how to properly execute them. CKD and other forms of martial arts can teach children when and where to apply their knowledge. Children learn that their skills aren’t a tool used to inflict harm on others, but rather, to defend themselves against any and all attacks.

School bullying has been a problem for years. While a huge effort to stop bullying in our educational systems has started, the truth is it will always exist.

Choi Kwang Do enables children to develop self-confidence, self-discipline and self-respect, as well as respect for others. Because the change has to come from within, acquiring these essential personality traits can help stop bullying.

Realistically, not all conflicts are resolved physically. CKD practice can also teach social cues and techniques to de-escalate situations and avoid needing to defend yourself altogether. It’s just important to be prepared for a worst-case scenario before it happens.

Choi Kwang Do teaches children to roll with the punches — that it doesn’t matter how hard you fall to the ground. What matters is that you can get back up and keep pushing forward.